Guiding Businesses Through COVID-19

ONOW Myanmar Joins Youth Business International's Rapid Response Recovery Programme, Funded by, To Support Struggling Small Businesses During The COVID-19 Crisis

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What is happening?

The global economy is suffering from an unprecedented shock as a result of COVID-19. With typically tight margins, micro, small and medium businesses are vulnerable to economic downturn. The current pandemic is having a particularly serious impact on business owners and entrepreneurs from underserved communities, including young people (aged 18-35 years), women, and refugees and other migrants. Many are struggling to get through the crisis and need support now.

How ONOW is Responding

ONOW Myanmar has been selected as a delivery partner of Youth Business International (YBI) in Myanmar. ONOW will now work with YBI to develop and deliver an urgent package of support to struggling local businesses.  The program, led by YBI and funded by, Google's philanthropic arm, will support underserved micro, small and medium businesses to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. 



Individual Coaching

Businesses will receive individualized advice and guidance to navigate the continuing COVID-19 economic crisis.


Digital Platform for Support and Community

A digital platform allows users to asses their current business situation, conduct scenario analysis and connect with other businesses owners for mutual support.


Feature Content

ONOW has a wealth of financial and business support content to provide via convenient channels to small business owners.

 ONOW’s program will prioritize underserved businesses from across Myanmar, including female business owners and migrant-owned businesses. By leveraging ONOW’s chatbot technology and eight years of experience in coaching MSMEs the program will support 15,000 with individualized coaching and virtual peer support groups, and an additional 40,000 MSMEs with extensive online public content. ONOW will release an automated digital coaching platform on July 1, which is designed to guide business owners through recovery from the COVID-19 economic crisis.


SMEs Coached One-on-One


SMEs Supported with Digital Content

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