MFI Officer Training History

We had a project with USAID three years ago and the title of the project was called "Digital tool for small enterprise support and financial literacy". According to the project, we conducted research with MFIs inMyanmar. We interviewed MFI leaders, managers, credit supervisors, credit officers and clients for our research. As a result, we were able to design an MFI officer training program according to the needs.

Training Purpose and Contents

This MFI officer skill development training is essential for both loan officers and their MFI organizations. We designed the training with many activities and group discussions. The interactive training is designed around experiential modules where loan officers understand their clients and how to coach them and their micro-businesses to succeed.

Tools For MFI Officers To Use When Meeting With Clients

Ideas Guide book- Designed for loan offices to do quick coaching or short training during collection or group meetings. This book is designed with "short stories, problem solving scenarios, group discussion, role plays" which clients can easily do in their own group and all the activities are aimed at training micro business management and financial literacy. Loan officers can take the book with them when they go to field for meeting with clients.


Maung Sa Yin Kaing Chat Bot- This financial and micro business management chat bot is free digital tool for MFI officers and clients to learn financial education and micro business principles through Facebook Messenger. This bot also allows for custom and direct messaging from the MFI to field officers.

MFIs ONOW Gave This Training

Training Fees

2 Days training fee for one MFI officer – 26USD (40,000MMK)

Ideas Guide Book license fee- 10USD (15,000MMK)

Required participants for one training- 25-30 people

Please note that ONOW will not provide training room and food for participants. And if ONOW has to arrange for it, it will be extra charges.

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